Oct 2, 2013

Illustrated Aliens - One Planet At A Time

Following close to a year of following this constantly evolving project, I think it's time to share Andy Martin's awesome pet project, Handymartian's Illustrated Aliens. Martin has been designing an alien a day in different styles, before assembling them into short little videos regarding the planet they live on and their distinct customs.

These videos, called Planets are now up to 9 volumes and counting, with the latest installment being in more of a pixelated style regarding a planet of super powered aliens: The kids on Planet Nine discover that the mix of superpowers and peer pressure is an accident waiting to happen. It took a while, but we've compiled all the volumes and their descriptions for you guys to check out after the break!

Food can be a dangerous business for the inhabitants of Planet Eight. But with fruit this tasty they just can't help themselves

We pop over to Planet Seven as two of its inhabitants' are having a little catch up. What exciting adventures have they been up to? What fascinating plans do they have for the weekend?… it all gets a bit much for one of them.

Those silly inhabitants of Planet Six take things too far in this tale of a petty disagreement that escalates beyond all control. All together now… War, HUH! Good God y'all, What is it good for? (absolutely nothin')

Something is stirring in the waters of Planet Five. From a single cell, one creature evolves into the next and for a fleeting moment the darkest depths of the sea are transformed by a dazzling display of light and colour.

What do the robots do after they have taken over the planet. It turns out the ones on Planet Four find harmony and discuss philosophical matters of enlightenment, beauty and magnificence.

Dealing with themes of death, rebirth and world ecosystems; the neon inhabitants of Planet Three undertake a journey that is both exhilarating and transformative.

While spending some time on Planet Two we follow a day in the life of one of it's typical inhabitants... ahh the rat race, a struggle people from all over the cosmos have to deal with.

The inhabitants of Planet One get more than they bargained for when they get together for a little sing song.

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