Oct 4, 2013

Inside The Mind Of Leonardo Opening

Created for a feature length documentary directed by Julian Jones for the UK market, Inside the Mind of Leonardo is a fascinating documentary delving into the core of history's most fabled genius, renaissance man and inventor. Ron Gervais lead a team to bring the images of his rich codex to life, using a mix of 3D, layering imagery on cards for depth and overlaying Da Vinci's anatomical proportion breakdowns onto real life footage for full effect. Loved the final look and feel they accomplished, offering a snapshot of the many talents of Da Vinci.

The story centers around Leonardo’s personal journals (codex) which hold over 6,000 pages of handwritten notes and drawings. The film stars award winning actor Peter Capaldi as he narrates the translated text and passages directly from Leonardo's journals. Our task was to help develop a look and feel and then animate the mind-scape that transports the audience into Leonardo's thoughts and ambitions. After working 8 very full months with a small but tremendously hard working team, we created roughly 30 minutes of stereoscopic animation.

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