Oct 22, 2013

"Fake Banksy" Sells Out

In an amazing display of ballsy opportunism and the psychological power of hype, author David Cicirelli decided to play off of Banksy's October 13th New York stunt where he attempted to sell $60 canvases worth thousands of dollars each to the public from an unassuming stand. In seven hours only three were sold, much to many avid fans' chagrin.

Cicirelli set up a stand featuring Banksy reproductions and offered them for the same price, but told customers they were buying fake pieces. And he sold out of every piece (40) in just under an hour, playing a gullible public eager to invest after the value was exposed. I can't blame them honestly, as the modus operandi of Cicirelli played out in a cryptic style perfectly similar to Banksy's.

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