Oct 31, 2013

"Arm Of Kappa" And Other Works By Ryo Hirano

Ryo Hirano is a an up and coming independent Japanese director who captivated us with his distinct style, which mixes elements of stop motion, traditional animation and hand built sets to create his distinct aesthetic. His style channels the playful elements of children's drawings, which he draws individually on pieces of paper that are super imposed on hand layered, watercolor painted sets.


Storywise his shorts tend to gravitate more towards the surreal side of things, with dreamlike scenarios unfolding with little to no dialogue ever being present. He's currently hard at work on his next short film dubbed Paradise (Above), following the tale of a boy in the hunt of a lost tooth and a bear searching for his lost nose. Paradise is slated to be released sometime this year in Japan in collaboration with Foghorn studios.

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