Sep 30, 2013

Worth Checking Out: Knite & The Ghost Lights

Mobot Studios is onto something extremely special with Knight & The Ghost Lights, from their art assets to the lore that they have created, Knite looks like the full package. Using techniques to handcraft and photograph all art into the game (similar to that in The Neverhood and The Swapper), Knite & The Ghost Lights ends up looking more like an early stop-motion film by Tim Burton than an actual video (which is good thing, obviously).

It isn't every day you see this kind of work go into each of object of a game and due to the handcrafted nature of this game, everything has more of a purpose than a randomly placed doodad. The gameplay will feature action-platforming while providing puzzles that will push players to explore, which hopefully means a ton of lore explanation.

As you can see by the Kickstarter video, the team holds a ton of passion for this game and introduces a world few games seem to capture in this age. Mobot Studios has offered a great list of pledge rewards, but I feel that their modest goal is low enough to reach in a day. Here's hoping even the studio's stretch goals are made, because this project is looking amazing. Head over here to check out the Kickstarter page.

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