Sep 13, 2013

Worth Checking Out - Hyper Light Drifter

There's been a void left by the uncertain fate of Team Ico's Last Guardian, a project that has languished in a strange development hell this entire generation while the entire gaming community sat patient, awaiting a followup to the memorable Shadow Of The Colossus. In the vacuum created by the team's troubles though, there's been others who have stepped in to try and fill that gap, including That Gaming Companies Journey, or Sony's recently announced Rime. Team Ico's titles have been incredibly influential to many artists thanks to the stories and unorthodox, minimalist aesthetics they employed, which offered gaming experiences that were truly unlike anything we'd ever had a chance to play.

Now Hyper Light Drifter is a new project from the LA based Heart Machine, a fledgling studio that is also setting out to deliver a similar experience, albeit from an isometric perspective. Early footage of beautiful, vast worlds, lost technologies and a mysterious protagonist bring up memories of playing Team Ico's games, mixed with a dash of pixel art a la Sword and Sorcery. If you're interested in supporting a truly amazing looking title, head over to their Kickstarter page to pledge.

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