Sep 12, 2013

Worth Checking Out- 'Blood Alloy' An Insanely Difficult Metroidvania-like Game

While combat in most Metroidvania inspired games is relatively solid, nothing looks to give as smooth of an experience as Blood Alloy. Mixing the combat mechanics of Dark Souls and movement speed of Vanquish, Blood Alloy is an indie title with a lot of flash and even more substance. Judging from the gameplay trailer above, the game looks ridiculously hard, but in the sense that when you f*ck up it's your fault, not the game's.

Much like all indie games being released, Blood Alloy is need of a little support over on Kickstarter. The folks over at Suppressive Fire Games LLC have put together an awesome looking concept and this definitely I would love to see get a little more backing. I'm always on the lookout for challenging games and this definitely looks like something right up my alley.

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