Sep 17, 2013

ThreeA Unveils Their Team Fortress 2 Robot Heavy's

Oh my god, this is absolutely amazing. In their first collaboration with Ashley Wood's 3A, Valve is bringing us some absolutely incredible looking, fully articulated statues of the evil Robotic Heavy's from their massive coop update from 2012, Mann VS Machine. While people initially speculated that NECA was taking a stab at these considering their take on the Pyro and Demoman, this is a really damn cool surprise, and they even come with light up eyes and boxing gloves if you order it through the Bambaland store. That piece of info probable means that these limited edition ones will be sold via Valve as well.

The 1/6 scale statues will be dropping at some undefined time for the pretty reasonable price of $220 each, especially when compared to some of 3A's other offerings. I'm also going to speculate that these will be bundled with a limited edition unlock for an item that will be worth hundreds, so save up and consider this a worthy investment. These figures will be dropping some time this year for preorder, stay tuned for more updates. Check out a shot of Team Blue after the break.

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