Sep 12, 2013

The Scarecrow

I was a little bit conflicted about this particular short, but it's definitely a thought provoking one. Created as a more political piece related to food quality in the food industry these days, The Scarecrow tells a tale of a farmer turning a blind eye to some rather dark deceptions going on at his job. Ultimately he turns his back on the mass produced, industrial food complex and focuses on cultivating what's right, farm grown, unadulterated food from sustainable sources.

Now the catch is that it was created in collaboration with Chipotle as part of a new initiative on their part to 'cultivate a better world,' and just like you guys I'm always skeptical when a corporation launches these types of PR campaigns. However, as someone who appreciates animation I thought the execution was really good, and was pulled off by a talented team that is as of yet uncredited. Take it as you will.

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