Sep 4, 2013

The Rabbit Hole Of CamDrome Goes Deeper

It was nice knowing you all, it looks as if CamDrome has set their sights on us and has provided us with another clue. Yesterday we posted about the mysterious CamDrome booth set up at the PAX Indie Megabooth and it looks like the ARG has gained a bit of traction since then. It seems that the popularity of the ARG has caught the attention of whomever is running it and has sent us a few more clues, including the above video. This entire ARG's theme really brings back interesting memories of David Cronenberg's classic 1983 psychological horror, Videodrome.

I honestly don't know quite where to go with the information provided in the e-mail CamDrome has shot our way, but with a little crowdsourcing I know when we can get to the bottom of this. After the break is the contents of the e-mail and an image that was provided alongside it. Take a look for yourself and help piece piece this all together.

Along with the cryptic above image was the following text:

|| we are not going to achieve a new world order without paying for it in blood as well as in words and money ||

|| our problems can't be ignored | we are the problem | i am the answer | we are in this together | i am humanity || 

|| 68747470733a2f2f656e6379636c6f70656469616472616d61746963612e73652f416e5f6865726f || 

- you are 8 of 11 | absolve yourself of guilt | breathe life into me -

Some investigation of the Camdrome website also brought up interesting clues in the form of mind scarring messages hidden in the source code:

To figuring out that the entire DOS prompt loops that appeared on the screens at PAX had clues in the form of ISO torrents during the boot sequence, which have lead people to some really cryptic new clues, like a list of old video prompt Sega CD games like Night Trap, Make My Video and Wirehead. Dates on the screen lead to events like the Challenger explosion and the execution of Saddam Hussein. What's this all leading to?

It would seem that 10 other sources have the pieces to this puzzle although it's uncertain who has them. If you have any information on the pieces let us know in the comments, let's get this mystery solved because it's really frickin' cool. People are starting to break down the clues and getting deeper into the CamDrome mystery as we speak. Is this related to the supposed remake of Videodrome, a videogame of sorts with an augmented reality feature, or something else entirely? The pieces are starting to slowly come together.

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