Sep 16, 2013

The Art Of Aryz

Aryz is a badass, and a young one at that. At the ripe age of 24 the Barcelona based street artist is already traveling the world, dropping murals internationally, exhibiting and garnering a massive following on social outlets with his slick work. Working with a mixture of spray paint and rollers, his massive works grace the walls of various cities, incorporating his interesting, semi-faceted style with an overarching theme of bones and skeletal structure tying all his work together into a cohesive mash of awesome.

Unlike a lot of street artists we've encountered though, Aryz can seamlessly transition between effortlessly doing 5 story murals and going back to the studio and working on smaller canvases..A pretty unique talent that's allowed him to have an even wider audience compared to his peers, who reside on one side of the line and not the other. We've collected a few of his studio illustrations after the break, and you can check out his rich collection of mural photos on his Facebook fan page.

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