Sep 10, 2013

The Art Of Albino Raven

Albino Raven, also known as Glen Brogan is a UK based illustrator who caught our eye thanks to his awesome contributes to the 3NES art show that recently exhibited at Bottleneck Gallery in New York, Glen's Nintendo flavored creations are excellently crafted, capturing the essence of each title, while also focusing on the heroines that made each game badass in their own distinct way: Zelda, Samus and Princess Peach (Turned on her head).

Glen has a very good view on art in the fact that he's managed to find a way to keep the politics and nonsense out of the way of enjoying what he loves, art. Many artists we've talked to have mentioned that upon becoming serious and professional in regards to their art, the fun got sucked out of it. It's true, especially considering how subjective art is, it can turn into an incredibly frustrating affair if you don't have your guard up in a studio environment. Glen has kept it stylized his entire life, and kept his creative fires stoked and burning strong since childhood. Check out more of his awesome work after the break! Our hats go off to him.

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