Sep 10, 2013

Suda51 Announces "Lily Bergamo" For The PS4

I can't even comprehend how busy Grasshopper Manufacture is right now, but the amount of titles Suda51 and crew has been churning out is amazing. Yesterday, during Sony's Tokyo Game Show conference, Lily Bergamo the first collaboration between Suda51 and GungHo was announced. While not much is really known about the game, it's being labeled as an "extreme action game", so I guess there's that...

Despite the incredibly undescriptive description for the game, Lily Bergamo looks absolutely gorgeous (discounting the amount if video effects of course) and I can't wait to get my hands on it. After the massive amount of backlash for Suda51's recent entry Killer is Dead (a game that I'm personally in love with), it's interesting to see a female lead. Hopefully we'll see more on this game in the coming months.

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