Sep 23, 2013

Start Saving for Medicom Toy's RAH Evangelion Mark. 09

While I've always been a big fan of the Revoltech set of Evangelion figures, nothing can compare to Medicom Toy's Real Action Hero series of figures. Continuing the Evangelion 3.0 set of figures, EVA Mark. 09 is the newest addition to the family alongside EVA 01 and EVA 02. If you're new to the RAH-scape of figures, they hold the same level of articulation as a Revoltech with a paint and build quality unparalleled. They're truly the cream of the crop when it comes to toys and figures.

Standing at around 40cm tall, Mark. 09 is definitely a beauty, but it's going to set you back a few pennies. The figure will be releasing in 2014 with a sexy price point of 24,000 Yen (Around $250), but for a figure of this quality, it's more than worth it. After the jump are more shots, but if you have yet to see 3.0 there are a few small spoilers so continue at your own peril.

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