Sep 20, 2013

Rob 'N Ron

Using a mixture of live action sets and a CGI aesthetic reminiscent of a flatter style of claymation, Rob 'n Ron is a fun short about two outlaw brothers trying (Futilely) to get a heist planned before things go awry. One of the coolest things I noticed about the short was in regards to the incredible job they did rigging up the models of the characters to achieve some truly amazing squash and stretch animation, most evident while they're riding off in the desert on their trusty steeds. Also they pulled off this animation with models that were pretty much pancake flat, as evidenced in the making of after the break.

The short was co-directed by Magnus Igland Møller and Peter Smith at the Danish animation studio known as Tumblehead. Check out a fun making of featurette after the break as well, also executed using a campy spaghetti-western theme. These guys definitely had a blast making this from start to finish!

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