Sep 6, 2013

Prefunerale - Celebrate Your Pre-Death

As a response to a slight tasteless, and rather strange coming of age trend that's emerged in Italy's 'Dirty south,' (I'm Italian, that's what I like to call it) director Salvo Nicolosi created a pretty hilarious jab at the 'Predicciotesimo,' a trend of making bizarre glamour reels to celebrate someone before they turn 18. Examples of this Pre-18 trend prove that it's a rather tasteless, trashy affair, so in an effort to one up this trend he decided to shoot the Prefunerale, celebrating the ultimate life event in style.

Luigi Virgillito is the proud trendsetter of this mock celebration, showing off his preparation for death in a rather dapper fashion. It's dark, hilarious and ruthless in picking apart the type of exploitative things that parents make their kids do. Kind of like Italy's equivalent of those gaudy child beauty pageants in the US.

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