Sep 6, 2013

PBS Offbook - Frame By Frame (The Art Of Stop Motion)

In the latest bite sized Offbook expose, they focus on the art of stop motion in it's many different incarnations, starting off from the origin of stop motion in the US and Europe (The histories vary) to its relevance in this day and age as a reemerging art form. The most interesting tidbit came in the form of stop motion animators fearing for their craft following the decision to embrace CGI with the ground breaking Jurassic Park, which was originally slated to be a stop motion movie (Early tests actually exist online).

While I think we can all attest to the fact that stop motion kind of faltered in cinema for quite a period with the advent of CGI, it's returned to prevalence thanks to how much it visually stands out in the overly saturated animated feature industry these days (Paranorman comes to mind). We really should thank studios like Aardman, which steadfastly stood by the medium that made them successful through the dark ages of stop motion. Having been running the blog for a few years now it really does seem like there's been a resurgence in indie animators and studios using the medium, as well as services like Vine encouraging users to experiment.

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