Sep 2, 2013


A wonderfully surreal short by Emmanuel Asquier-Brassart, Ricky Cometa, Guillaume Dousse, Adrien Gromelle and Thibaud Petitpas at the Les Gobelins animation school, Myosis follows a man journey away from his own individuality as he assimilates into a larger, monolithic entity symbolizing conformity and going with the flow. Ultimately memories of his past prove to be too strong to keep him shackled into his daze, and he sets out to do the unthinkable.

I have to say that this was one of the most visually stunning shorts we've run into this year, down to the absolutely incredible setting, staging and the fluidity of the animation, especially during the revolt scenes. Myosis is the constriction of the iris which decreases the diameter of the pupil. It is an unconscious phenomenon which can be triggered by an intense light, fear, or the effect of epiphany.

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