Aug 31, 2013

The Art Of Miko

Miko Maciaszek is a Warsaw, Poland born illustrator who moved to Canada following the fall of Communism, and enjoyed a happy transition and life spent fostering his love of art with two nurturing parents behind his direction. Following a stint at Sheridian with an initial goal of doing concept art for videogames, Miko has gone down the path of the freelance illustrator, getting a chance to work with publications including The New York Times, The Globe and a growing list of publications.

With aspirations of someday creating a comic book and world of his own, with a project currently brewing in his head. Reading through his Tumblr you'll be able to get a really in depth look into the world as he sees it, including his future aspirations and thoughts on his current career. One of the favorite things I saw him mention was a quote by Theodore Gericault that did wonders for my creatively frustrated mind lately:

If obstacles discourage the mediocre talent, they are, on the contrary, the necessary food of genius; they ripen and exalt it, where the easy road would leave it cold. Everything that opposes the triumphant progress of genius irritates it, and induces that fever of exaltation that overthrows and conquers all to produce its masterpieces.

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