Sep 2, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Youth Lagoon, Machinedrum, Stanton Warriors, Danny Brown, Kodachrome

It's been a while since our last roundup, so here's a fresh batch of awesome tracks with an emphasis on 'V' for variety. I wanted to kick things off with Youth Lagoon's (Idaho native Trevor Powers) beautifully animated music video for Raspberry Cane, featuring beautiful animated concept art and nightmarish, impossible creatures suddenly walking the earth, ushering in the end of times.

Machine Drum's Eyesdontlie is the lead track taken from his upcoming 'Vapor City' album coming September 30 via Ninjatune, featuring a mesmerizing, dark graphic train ride synchronized to the beats of this drum 'n bass track. Video directed by Weirdcore.

Stanton Warriors are a pair of studio engineers who put up their mantle of contributing their great skills to other artists and dedicated themselves to becoming producers with a quest to revitalize the British garage scene with some truly awesome track with a distinctly retro house flair, as you'll notice with Cut Me Up.

To celebrate the release of his new 'OLD' album, Danny Brown released this music video for ODB, featuring a truly twisted, warped psychedelic trip set to one of the strangest, distorted beats I've heard in years. Brown brings this bizarre spectacle to life with some equally warped energy. Wonderfully twisted down to it's core.

They might sound familiar, but the artists behind Kodacrome are in the process of reaching for the spotlight, especially after checking out Strike The Gold, which features some understated vocals, gentle synths and interesting sampled snippets to create a framework reminiscent of the work of the Sun Gods. The track is from their upcoming LP, download the track for free over here.

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