Sep 4, 2013

It's Been A Good Week For Retro Platformers - Shantae And Megaman Get Rebooted

You've probably heard plenty about it, but one of this week's biggest surprises came in the form of the spiritual resurrection of the Mega Man franchise, which has been neglected like a redheaded step child and even openly mocked by Capcom ever since the departure of Keiji Inafune, who originally created the franchise. See our Capcom Hates Megaman article for good example, as well as the cancellation of Mega Man Legends. Yet Inafune had the last word, launching a Kickstarter that reached it's lofty $900,000 goal in a day called Mighty No. 9, which will offer that classic side scrolling action with modern twists to the fans that have long demanded it. Suck it Capcom!

And just a few days later (Today) we also got an awesome remaster of one of the best western developed side scrolling platformers ever created, Shantae. Originally born on the Gameboy Color back in 2002, the game pushed the limits of the system, delivering some top notch graphics, an amazing score and ridiculously fun gameplay as well as...Some incredible genie hip action. The game went on to become a cult hit due to it's release date towards the end of the systems life cycle, and with good reason, it was truly one of those under appreciated gems that aged like a fine wine in the gaming community.

Since then Way Forward has tapped the side scrolling niche with a vengeance, working on games like Contra 4, Adventure Time, A Boy And His Blob, Double Dragon Neon, Mighty Switch Force and the recently released Duck Tales Remastered. Following all these amazing endeavors, they want to revisit the franchise that originally put them on the map. Go show your support, and help make their dream a reality! 

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