Aug 7, 2013

Titan Paper Sculpture

I have some true respect for the folks who dedicate hundreds of hours to the art of papercraft, an incredibly time consuming craft at it's higher levels that definitely takes a certain type of mindset. Personally, I'm missing that type of time to sit down and meticulously fold for hours on end, but here's to hoping that I'll someday be granted the opportunity to take it that easy.

Crafted by Thomas Voillaume using a mixture of Maya, a specific software for papercraft called 'Pepakura,' 145 sheets of paper (Including a resined variety for structural integrity), expanding foam, old comics and plenty of time, Titan is a timelapse covering the creation of a 6.5 foot tall paper sculpture. According to Voillaume, Titan represents a creation of collective imagination, meant to represent contemporary mythologies (Thus the comic flavored coating).

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