Aug 7, 2013

Gerald Parel's Amazing Masters Of The Universe Fanart

He-Man, She-Ra and the Masters Of The Universe stand as one of those 80's franchises that simply failed to reboot, despite having been one of the most successful franchises of that era, born out of a rather convoluted, costly series of screw ups by Mattel. These mistakes included passing up on the chance to have the rights to produce the first line of Star Wars toys in the late 70's (Ouch) and back pedaling on a series of movie tie in toys for Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic 1982 brawndo endeavor, Conan The Barbarian, with rumor pointing to those prototypes ultimately becoming the basis for the Masters Of The Universe line. The guy pictured above? The artists modern take on Wun-Dar, the figure that set the groundwork for the entire franchise.

I mean, it's not that hard to glean why a loin cloth yielding barbarian called Prince Adam would be a hard sell these days, but one artist truly surprised me with his incredible take on the franchise, AldgerRelpa (An anagram for Gerald Parel), a French artist who's shared his many different experiments at combining the classic characters from the series with popular modern styles, including Ashley Wood's popular 3A style or Street Fighter IV's 'ink' look, or even a straight up gritty interpretation, showcasing Parel's incredible versatility and fantastic grip on lighting. If I were in charge of tasking someone with doing a take two with the franchise, I'd contact him in a heartbeat, as this style remixing is the perfect way to come up with all new combinations.

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