Aug 1, 2013

The Making Of ProgV's Lifesized Kitbash Mech

Just a mech...but a life size model this time! over 4 meters tall!

These were the words that collectively blew the mind of the internet just a few days ago, when Chinese concept artist Prog Wang showed off what he'd done with his dad's retired Nissan truck. While kitbashing has been a popular concept with model kits and 3D programs like Google's Sketchup, I dont think anyone expected a 13 foot mech that looks like Hawken and reality collided.

Prog just shared a series of making of photos showing off the creation of the MA-TP (Mobile Armored Tactical Platform) mech from start to finish, in all it's gigantic kitbashed glory. Check it all out after the break, along with some notes from the creator himself.

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