Aug 31, 2013

I Am Street Fighter - 25 Years Of Inspiration

25 years of blisters, passion, broken controllers and ruined friendships: Capcom brings us I Am Street Fighter: 25 Years Of Inspiration. A testament to the ultimate fighting game that has been going strong for over two decades now. Street Fighter is the game that set the foundation for the modern fighting game, and it's a franchise as universally recognizable as Star Wars in this day and age.

Courtesy of UDON
Fans, developers and pro players recollect about how they first got into the franchise, and the impact that it's had on their lives. Personally, Super Street Fighter IV continues to be the go-to game for stress release after a bad day at work, although I do long for another Capcom VS SNK someday. At over an hour long, it's a true celebration of everything Street Fighter to date.

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