Aug 22, 2013

Filth Movie Trailer

It's been a loooong time since the adaptation of Irvine Welsh's extremely dark cult hit novel Trainspotting, and the adaptation of one of his latest novels called Filth looks like it might be a slightly more light hearted affair, dealing with an equally as damaged and cynical, yet humorous character hallucinating his way through life in an attempt to reach the 'top,' whatever that might mean for James McAvoy, who seems to sell the character pretty well. Synopsis below, with a slated fall release that might be worth looking forward to.

Scheming Bruce Robertson (James McAvoy), a bigoted and corrupt policeman, is in line for a promotion and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Enlisted to solve a brutal murder and threatened by the aspirations of his colleagues, including Ray Lennox (Jamie Bell), Bruce sets about ensuring their ruin, right under the nose of unwitting Chief Inspector Toal. As he turns his colleagues against one another by stealing their wives and exposing their secrets, Bruce starts to lose himself in a web of deceit that he can no longer control. His past is slowly catching up with him, and a missing wife, a crippling drug habit and suspicious colleagues start to take their toll on his sanity. The question is: can he keep his grip on reality long enough to disentangle himself from the filth?

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