Aug 29, 2013

Sleep Walk by Hey Beautiful Jerk

With the supposed Doomsday almost a year behind us, we're still finding no shortage of apocalyptic themed arts, film, and more.  Some lean on the side of bleak, while others tend to be a bit more lighthearted.  Animation team Hey Beautiful Jerk, consisting of Mark Szumski Gina Niespodziani, combines the two moods really well with their animated short, Sleep Walk.

Based off the Santo & Johnny 1959 instrumental song (Which you may remember from the film La Bamba... Or maybe that was just me.  Anybody?), the short also takes place in 1959, and features a doomsday enthusiast who finds his one last shot at redemption.  I loved the contrast between the harsh black and water, and stylized art with the emotional and soft classic song (which in this short, was produced by Pleaserock).

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