Aug 21, 2013

Dave Rapoza Teases Something New With Starveil

Dave Rapoza has made a name for himself by A)Being an incredibly prolific videogame industry freelance illustrator B)Creating amazing tributes to classic franchises including Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Metroid and Heman C)Running an awesome website for people to improve their art skills, Crimson Daggers, which despite what it's name implies is worth checking out if you're an aspiring concept artist.

Last but not least, he's had a chance to work on some cool personal projects, including the work in progress Skull And Shark his teamup with Austin based retro EDM artist Lazerhawk. His latest project has been in the works for a few months, simply presented in the form of sketchier portraits that represent quite a stylistic departure from Rapoza's more heavily rendered style, leaning more towards a Moebius/Otomo mix, which we especially gleaned for his concept for Orbit, a blue skinned humanoid alien of sorts (Right after the break). While details on the plot are scant at this point, the art seems to lean towards a cool scifi comic of sorts, which we're always more than happy to read. Check out a peek at the WIP cast of Starveil after the break!

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