Aug 4, 2013

Batman vs The Terminator

I remember growing up thinking the Batman/Alien crossover was one of the coolest comics of all time, unfortunately going back to revisit has provided quite a let down. While crossovers are extremely hit or miss, there's something mixed in our DNA that prevents humans from initiating reasonable thought when two amazing things are mixed together. Batman vs The Terminator is no different, although this time the quality looks to be on par with what one would hope from such an awesome crossover. 

With animation by Mitchell Hammond and an amazing accompanying soundtrack by Noir Deco, Batman vs The Terminator may be just the thing this world needs.

Batman vs The Terminator will be out later this year, with an entire soundtrack by the talented Noir Deco. The atmosphere of the trailer is spot on with what I would expect from such a crossover and it has got me ridiculously hyped. Expect more news for this awesome mashup in the coming months.

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