Jul 13, 2013

Worth Checking Out: Damned

Damned isn't your typical "explore the house, avoid the monster" style of horror game, instead four players work cooperatively as they avoid their demise brought upon them by a fifth player who takes the control of a monster. At first, it seems to be nothing more than as spooky deathmatch, but the overall depth comes from the monster's two forms.

With one form, the monster is able to turn into a ghost where they aren't able to interact with the players (or even see them), instead the monster must haunt them by causing "ghostly events" and making noises. The other form gives players control of a physical being, allowing them to interact with the world and actually do harm to the players.

The real fun from this game seems to be setting up a sequence of events in order to scare other players, something I could imagine becoming extremely gratifying (especially hearing their screams over the microphone). Develped by Brazilian team 9heads Games, Damned is another indie title worth keeping an eye out, I can see it making a splash for online gaming. Check out the game's Greenlight page if you'd like to help get it on Steam.

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