Jul 1, 2013

The Art Of PurpleKecleon

PurpleKecleon, who also goes by the names of Papaya Kitty and Melanie Herring is  an incredibly talented illustrator with an excellent grasp on color theory and an interesting tale regarding her career. While she initially attended the Maryland Institute of College and Art for close to two years, the housing market crash of 2008 cut her education short when she could no longer acquire a school loan, which eventually led her on to a successful solo career. It's been an increasingly common sentiment that art school costs are spiraling out of control, and that an education doesn't amount to much these days (Check out Noah Bradley's thoughts on the matter).

That aside Melanie's work is truly fun and painterly, and she keeps herself busy with some large scale fan projects like the Pokemon centric PMD-Explorers, which have helped her hone her skills in illustration, writing and world building. Check out more of her awesome works after the break!

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