Jul 1, 2013

Drakengard 3 Is The Perfect Send-Off For This Generation

If  there was one thing that bummed me out this generation, it was the unfortunate lack of Drakengard titles. Drakengard 1+2 were some of my favorite action games from the PS2 era, and seeing Square-Enix return to the cult-classic is music to my ears. While I certainly lack the skills to translate this trailer, I'm still far more excited for this game than nearly everything this generation. A continuation of the series is probably some of the best fan service I've seen from Square-Enix, and this is looking like the series' swan song.

While this generations NIER was technically a spiritual sequel to Drakengard and one of it's many endings, it didn't hold the same charm that the dark Japanese action-adventure titles did. Drakengard is due out for Japan this October, with no announcements of a localized release. C'mon Square Enix, don't do this to me. Keep your fingers crossed.

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