Jul 3, 2013

The Art Of Derek Stenning - Entartete Kunst Comes To A Close

Entartete Kunst is German for 'Degenerate Art,' and also the name of a truly remarkable series that artist Derek Stenning undertook as a means to rejuvenate his creative energies following 10 years of working in a taxing commercial industry. Just a few hours ago Derek announced the end of this series, a 4 year journey which ultimately started off as some personal work and eventually turned into a series of exhibits, model kits, magazines and books, all featuring the same thematic elements that this series contained from day one.

Stenning's art revolved around Soviet inspired retro sci-fi cosmonauts portrayed in at times heroic, at times prostrated poses, intermingled with mystical and cabalistic symbolism with meaning known only to Stenning as a means of portraying the inner struggles of an artist. Themes of freedom, death, rebirth and technology have come and gone over the incredible amounts of illustrations output over the course of this series, ultimately culminating in these figures breaking free of the cumbersome helmets and bonds that once held them in place. In a way this entire series started off as an exercise and ultimately lead to Stenning finding self discovery and shedding his older self in the process, the ultimate feeling to achieve during the path to artistic enlightenment.

The series will conclude with a final book containing ever piece created over the last four years, a book which will definitely be worth looking forward to. Check out more pieces from the last few years of Entartete Kunst after the break!

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