Jul 7, 2013

The Art Of Angel

Angel is a female artist from China, who surprisingly isn't involved in the creative field in any manner aside from a hobbyist standpoint, instead being involved in the medical field in a graduate program. This kind of blows my mind, because the implication here is that she's mostly self taught, therefore meaning there's some serious underlying talent here. Aside from a fantastically painterly style, with a wonderful sense of subtlety to her rendering, grasp on composition and a great understanding of color harmony, her highly vertical pieces have a great sense of movement to them to boot.

While we're left wondering why she's currently pursuing the current path she's on, if that medical path doesn't quite work out there's little doubt that a successful artistic career awaits her. Check out some more of her amazing original work after the break, as well as a beautiful rendition of The Legend Of Korra water-bending heroine and an excellent JoJo's Bizarre Adventure tribute.

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