Jul 19, 2013

New Samurai Jack Comic Series Is Pretty Much The Greatest Thing Ever

Samurai Jack has always been Cartoon Network's magnum opus for me. Genndy Tartakovsky's ability to blend a serious journey of a lone wanderer with a strong and well thought out post-apocalyptic future, as well as some of the best comedic timing to ever grace an animated world has remained untouched since the series cancellation in 2004. It was a cartoon tragedy when the series finally came to an end, especially without any solid resolution to appease fans.

Luckily Tartakovsky and IDW aren't leaving fans out to dry any longer. The comic book publisher has announced a return the series after a nine year hiatus. What does this mean? Samurai Jack might finally get back, back to the past. This news hits me pretty close to home, as I remember being devastated growing up to know that Samurai Jack's story might never be finished. The first issue is set to be released in October with a variant cover by Tartakovsky himself and Chew's Rob Guillory. Prepare yourself. Two more alternate covers for the comic after the break!

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