Jul 15, 2013

Monochroma: Ico Meets Limbo

Indie games have been getting a huge splurge of attention within the gaming community lately, and it's awesome to see the focus shift. While a huge selection of noteworthy worthy titles are given the spotlight they deserve, sometimes others fall through the cracks and go unnoticed, Monochroma is one of those games. Developed by Nowhere Studios, a small team based out of Turkey, Monochroma is absolutely beautiful game that fills the screen personality. 

Telling the story of a boy and his brother, Monochroma is a cinematic puzzle-platformer with a lot of charm. Players will begin the game carrying around their brother after having broke his leg, by doing so you lose a lot of your mobility, forcing you to make the choice to leave him behind at certain points. With a dark and deadly world similar to the 2010 indie game Limbo, Monochrome is packed with deadly traps and brutal deaths. 

Monochroma may borrow from popular titles, but it's execution and mechanics offer a unique experience that truly intrigues me. The game is currently being Kickstarted with 39 days to go and release date set for December. The Kickstarter page also offers a short playable demo to give a better feel for the game, which is slippery slope because I can guarantee you'll want throw some money at the game once you give it a go.

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