Jul 11, 2013

Forza Pedro's Pixelated Videogame Art Series

Over the last few years, illustrator Forza Pedro has been at work crafting a series of highly pixelated versions of memorable scenes from videogames, dubbed as the 'Pixel Art Series,' covering about 2 decades of games that helped changed the gaming landscape in one way or the other. Ranging from Jill's terrifying first encounter with a cerberus in the groundbreaking original Resident Evil to Bill and Ellie hiding from a clicker in The Last Of Us, Pedro did an awesome job capturing the feel of these games despite the very limiting medium he chose to execute these in.

The entirety of his series is available in a high quality print format on his Society6 page, should you be inclined to take the plunge and adorn your walls with a little gaming history. Eight more highly pixelated takes on classic videogames await after the break!

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