Jul 16, 2013

Atlantic Rim - Not Quite Guillermo Del Toro

Amidst all the noise generated by the Asylum's other release this week, the Syfy sleeper hit Sharknado got all the attention, starring the likes of Tara Reid and John Heard battling a tornado full of sharks and irony. Their other straight to DVD knockoff got lost in the midst, a cheekily titled low budget film predating the release of Guillermo Del Toro's love letter to giant robots and massive Kaiju, Pacific Rim.

Released on July 9 (2 days before Pacific Rim), Atlantic Rim has been chalked up as another 'coincidental' release by the company also featuring giant monsters vs. machines, created to rake up sales by fooling gullible folks into buying them in stores. It really begs the question, if you were completely fooled at the sight of 3 pilots wearing wet suits and the discernible lack of any effort in the acting and VFX department, you can't really blame the folks at the Asylum for this very obvious knockoff. Originally titled as 'Attack From Beneath,' I'm guessing that the folks at Asylum simply said, 'Eh, f*** it' before choosing to walk the lawsuit tightrope for a few extra dollars. Here's to shameless knockoffs, and the Syfy channel for continuing to give these cinematic savants a reason to exist.

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