Jul 9, 2013

A One Night Stand Goes Awry In "Ten Thousand Days"

Ten Thousand Days tells the story of a family with a long running curse, one that has Darby Duncan convinced will kill him on his 10,000th day. With a long running family tree of goofy deaths, Darby decides it's his in his bet interest to settle down for his final days. Of course, this is a dark comedy and things don't go quite as expected for Darby and his newly found love interest Arabella as he waits for his 'impending' doom.

The 17-minute short written and directed by Michael Duignan is a hilariously well written dark comedy with beautiful moments of cinematography. Featuring SFX crafted from rubber, papier mache, and feathers, the goofy deaths of Darby's lineage were the selling point for me while the dialogue cemented it. I'm actually a little disappointed I didn't get to see this in a theatre during the Seattle International Film Festival, but luckily Vimeo has given another chance. 

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