Jul 19, 2013

2 Mello Returns With Nastlevania Mashup - The Triumphant Sequel To Chrono Jigga

Most gamers fall into one of two camps, Castlevania or Metroid. As much as I like scifi though, there's one thing that ultimately turned me into a Castlevania fanboy in the long run, and it was the music: The biggest culprit? Symphony Of The Night, the Playstation One era magnum opus to the Castlevania franchise; Often imitated, never surpassed.

If 2 Mello rings a bell, he's the producer responsible for bringing us the absolutely amazing Chrono Trigger/Jay-Z mashup album that was so good that it spread like wildfire through both gaming and non-gaming crowds alike. And he's made my year by releasing a followup featuring the vocal stylings of self proclaimed lyrical warrior Nas mashed with the most memorable, catchy tracks of the franchise, which you can sample below in it's entirety. As if that wasn't enough, 2 Mello is also offering the entire album download for free on his website.

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