Jun 18, 2013

The Les Gobelins Annecy 2013 Lineup - SeeSaw, The Fancy Family, Copernicus, Sawa

Continuing their yearly tradition of contributing signal shorts to the yearly Annecy International Animated film festival, this year was no different for the students at Les Gobelins animation school. As part of their curriculum, 5 teams contributed their own unique 30-50 second animated bumpers to the festival. We featured The Retake individally yesterday thanks to it's creators reaching out with their extensive making of, so here are the other 4 submitted to the festival this year.

A soft NSFW for stylized nudity in the See Saw and Sawa shorts. The short above was created by Marlène Beaube, Marion Bulot, Thibaud Gayral, Guitty Mojabi and Raphaëlle Stolz

The Fancy Family created by Debora Cruchon, Eve Ceccarelli, Marie-Pierre Demessant, Batiste Perron and Simon Masse.

Copernicus created by Elssa Boyer, Anne Courtin, Myriam Fourati, Sarah Simon and Pedro Vergani.

Sawa created by Camile André, Janis Aussel, Clément Doranlo, Maud Girard and Jong-Hyun Jung-Boix.

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