Jun 18, 2013


Crafted at the 3d College of Denmark, Biomorph is a truly amazing little short headed up by director Henrik Bjerregard Clausen and a group of 12 students as a means of simultaneously promoting the school and it's students. Inspired by Blizzard's cinematic for games like Starcraft and World of Warcraft, as well as his love of gritty 80's era science fiction, Clausen crafted a short teaser that would play to his students strengths: Texturing and modeling.

Due to the lack of animator support, his pitch revolved more around building up suspense and a good emphasis on cinematography to establish the setting, before ending the entire short of a really cool high note with a biomechanical creature exploding out of a sea of human skulls. If anything this short perfectly accomplishes what Clausen and his group set out to do, leaving us wanting more.

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