Jun 18, 2013

Music Video Roundup - Young Galaxy, Siriusmo, David Lynch & Lykke Li, Washed Out

The latest video from the Canadian electro-pop band is an exercise in stark, disturbing contrasts and apocalyptic melancholia as all hell breaks loose. Director Ivan Grbovic commented that the epic spectacle was born out of many a conversation with band members, who sought to address the lack of substance present in many modern music videos with this ambitious endeavor.

As frontwoman Catherine McCandless sings 'Here it comes again, the beautiful, warm weather,' the world as we know it comes to an end. Young Galaxy's 'New Summer' is from their fourth LP: Ultramarine and now available via Paper Bag Records.

German producer Siriusmo just unveiled a quirky new video for two tracks from his Enthusisast LP, 'Itchy' and 'Corner Boy,' following a 49ers jacket wielding Roman Geike (MC Ramon) strutting around town and hanging out with the locals. As the video progresses pas the midway point, the video rolls into 'Corner Boy,' starring Geike's distinct space age vocal stylings

A long drive to nowhere in 'I'm Waiting Here,' the collaboration between the quintessential surrealist director and Swedish songstress Lykke Li as part of Lynch's recently released second album, The Big Dream. While I initially assumed that the video was directed by Lynch himself, the video's concept was actually created by Lykke and visual artist Daniel Dessure, with the nighttime driving aspects particularly reminiscent of Lynch's 1997 film, Lost Highway.

To finish up today's music video roundup, something a little more chipper with this chillwave track from the wonderful mind of Ernest Greene, aka Washed Out. 'It All Feels Right' is a wonderfully soothing, summery track complete with kaleidoscopic imagery courtesy of director Ferry Gouw, who perfectly tapped into the visual essence of Greene's acoustic driven, shimmery synth track. The track is from Washed Out's upcoming August 2013 album, Paracosm.

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