Jun 18, 2013

Disney Releases First Teaser For "Frozen"

Following the massive success of 2010's Tangled and last year's Wreck It Ralph, Disney has finally given us a taste of what's to come this year with their teaser for Frozen, which is set to release in late November. Adapted from the Danish fairy tale known as Snedroniggen (The Snow Queen), Frozen follows the story of a queen called Anna on a quest to reverse a curse cast on her by her estranged sister, the cold-hearted Snow Queen Elsa. Joined by a rugged outdoorsman called Kristoff, a one antlered reindeer and a clumsy snowman, Anna must race against time, battle the elements and battle an army of frozen warriors if she ever hopes to melt her own frozen heart.

Directed by Christopher Buck (Tarzan) and co-directed by the recently promoted Jennifer Lee (Screenplay,  Wreck It Ralph), I'm optimistic that Frozen will be yet another hit in the Disney repertoire. While this initial teaser is reminiscent of Ice Age's humorous Skrat shorts that have preceded every installment, the official trailer for Frozen will premiere along Pixar's Monsters University coming out this Friday. It has also been rumored that the feature might be accompanied with a brand new Mickey Mouse short titled: Get A Horse! 

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