May 27, 2013

Worth Checking Out : Monkey Light Animated LED Bike Display

5 years of development and over a half dozen prototypes later, the folks at the San Francisco based startup MonkeyLectric have successfully evolved their concept of LED bike augmentations to a whole new level, with a 4-bar system that allows full custom animations to be clearly displayed on your wheels from speeds ranging from 10-40mph. As both a means of turning your bike into an outlet for your creativity and visibility booster for night riders, this cool project is definitely worth supporting. Can't wait to Tron out my bike.

The Monkey Light Pro has 4 bars of LEDs which are attached together inside your wheel. As your ride the system rotates, using Persistence Of Vision to create an image with its 256 full color LEDs. The Monkey Light Pro has sensors to track its speed, heads-up position and rotation direction. This allows the system to create stable, full-wheel images from 10 to 40 mph (15 to 65 km/h).

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