May 28, 2013

Worth Checking Out : Armikrog (From The Minds Behind Neverhood)

As a person that grew up with Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys, I'm pretty excited to hear that the creator behind these titles is going to attempt to kickstart a spiritual successor to his claymation franchise, a clay and puppet adventure game titled Armikrog. We're talking old school claymation and sculpture integrated into a modern day game engine here, no 3D!
Klaymen: The protagonist of Dreamworks' 1996 adventure title.
The Neverhood was notable for it's ridiculously quirky art style, music and point and click gameplay, which garnered the game incredible acclaim upon it's release in 1996. If the funding is successful, Armikrog will feature a remixed version of the original's protagonist called Tommynaut with a dog called Beak-beak and their attempt to escape a mysterious fortress called Armikrog. 

The game already has a star studded lineup for voice work, including Jon Heder, Rob Paulsen and Michael J. Nelson among others, assuming the project reaches it's lofty $900,000 goal ($30,000 so far just one day after launching). If you're interested in supporting the return of a wonderful franchise, head over to their Kickstarter and show some love to the art of claymation fueled gameplay.

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