May 7, 2013

The Humble Double Fine Bundle

Double Fine is on a roll lately and it's almost hard to grasp how the smell development studio manages to stay so busy without going insane. With Broken Age due out in a few months, Double Fine is giving you another chance to pre-order the game while picking up their backlog with The Humble Double Fine Bundle.

How does a Humble Bundle work? It's easy, donate what you want to the development team, charity, and the folks at Humble Bundle Inc. and you're instantly provided access to three DRM-free games. You want more? Donate above the average and receive a fourth title (Brutal Legends), or donate $35 to receive all four plus a pre-order for Broken Age. It's called Humble Bundle for a reason, so I suggest getting a little humble yourself, heading over to The Humble Double Fine Bundle page and donating what you think is right!

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