May 16, 2013

The Art Of Mikolajj

Mikolajj (Mikolaj Spionek) is a Polish comic book artist with some slick designs, bringing back memories of artists like Salaryman, who live and die by their incredibly clean, effortless looking linework. While not working on comic books and freelance work, Mikolaj also dabbles in street art, engaging in tagging and stickering his haunts in Poland.

Unlike more painterly artists, the usage of linework emphasizes the need to resolve all the design aspects in his drawing, resulting in some truly cool little details in his pieces, like the chest with the built in gun harness design in the trooper concept above. Form over function, or function over form? I think Mikolaj falls into the latter category when approaching his work. Check out more of his awesome art after the break!

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