May 24, 2013

Queens of the Stone Age ...Like Clockwork

With Queens of the Stone Age's new album, ...Like Clockwork's release date just around the corner, the band has been releasing some incredible music videos to hype us up. You might actually recognize the art from a while back when we featured the Knockout collection by Boneface. The above video is a compilation of songs set for the album's June 4th release. While none of the songs are complete, it gives a pretty damn good representation of just how good this album is going to be. I mean it has been six years, so I would expect some quality, but this is an entirely different level.

If you're planning to get some sleep, I suggest waiting for daybreak before giving a peak at the video, it's undeniably creepy. The collaboration between Boneface and Queens of the Stone Age is a match made in heaven, though and it's definitely something I wouldn't mind seeing more of.

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