May 28, 2013

Animation Roundup - Gingerokalypse, Neighbors, Pretty Little Things

Gingerokalypse was created over a one month period by Will McKenzie and his classmates at the University of Bristol, showcasing the explosively badass imagination of a rather unassuming little redheaded boy. Very He-man, with a dash of Conan the Barbarian.

Neighbors is a silly as hell short created at the The Animation Workshop (A Danish school) by a group of students with multiple disciplines (Animated by Uri Kranot), tackling the issues of an upscale neighbor dealing with banjo hell next door. The John K/Ren & Stimpy inspiration is undeniable.

Thea Glad's rather minimalist Pretty Little Things deals with a somewhat more serious issue, workplace discrimination and harrassment over the decades, ultimately culminating in the tables getting turned on the perpetrator. Cyclical, simple and to the point. Really dug the simple style as well.

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